Saturday, November 24, 2007

it's been so long-pic overload!!!!!!

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.
Today is Black Friday!! I didn't go shopping, did you?
I've been so busy with college apps, school work, ... that I really haven't had time to sit down and post a blog.
...Teen Vogue's Fashion U was amazing. I met so many girls from all over the United States, and one girl from Europe. I met people form different part of the fashion industry: editors, designers, and people who in advertising and Marketing.
My favorite seminar was X-fit Lycra, we were divided into groups and had to come up with ideas for an ad for them. My ad wasn't the winning ad, but the winning ad was beautiful-you'll see it in an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue.
It's amazing how they turned our ideas into an !!!
I got so much from that weekend beside all the goodies. I learned so much about the fashion business from people who are in it. How cool is that! I found out that I'm interested in advertising/merchandising-so I might major in that in college.

Friday night pics-Locksley concert and Fashion show

with one of the guys from Locksley

It's Erin Fetherston in the middle, the heart shaped bags are so cute!!


The editors- I talked to Eva Chen( love her blog on

Tim Gunn!!!!

with Cynthia Rowley

graduation day

Those are just 1/10 the of the many picss I have of Fashion U, can't wait for next year-that is if I get accepted.