Saturday, May 10, 2008

All Dressed Up Girls

Studying for AP Euro + Annie Get Your Gun rehearsals until 9PM+ reading both 1984 and Light in August+ too much time on AIM= reason for lack of postings

On Wednesday, I woke up and decided to wear a dress to school, something I don't think I've ever did in all my four year of HS. I layered my blue bubble dress from American Rag on a black tee, and dressed it down with the bluebird printed Keds . (no pic, camera still broke)
I got comments like, "Daphney wearing a dress to school?", "pretty dress", and " dressing for a boy".
I thought, I don't dress for boys. I would never dress for boys unless that boy was Philip Lim, Andre Leon Talley or any other male in the fashion industry.
The point is, I dress for me because if I look in the mirror and don't like the way I look, I WILL change my outfit over and over again. If anything I'd dress for other girls-they're probably the ones who actually notices stuff like your accessories looking wrong with your dress.

Speaking of dresses, with the exception of Christina Ricci's dress (and very few others) how boring were the dresses at the Met's costume ball?

This Givenchy dress is PERFECT, and the fact that she stayed true to the theme, MORE PERFECT. I want to buy it and frame it.

but yea.
I have yet to buy my prom dress.