Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unrequited Love

During my absence from this blog, I was busy with cheerleading, LAX on Saturdays, being Lucy from "You're a Good man, Charlie Brown", Jumpstart, work, school clubs, social life, other things I can't think of, and most of all the million essays, and the zillion pages I had to read a night.
How do you make time for all of this you ask? Well, I seem to be good with the time management thing to the point where I can afford to spend too much time on facebook doing nothing, too much time reading 20+ blogs daily, and still find time to sleep, though an average of six hours a night.
Now to the point.
It's one in the morning-New Years Eve, and although I don't recall making any new years resolutions, except maybe to update more, I did something really bold.
I told this guy that I liked him, yea, right before a rehearsal for Charlie Brown. One look at the title should tell you how he feels about me.
(How proud would I have been if that was a new years resolution?)

The Point I promise.
So in my research of Charlie Brown, (intensive research, since I've never seen any Charlie Brown movies/episode) i came across this quote, "Nothing the taste out of Peanut Butter quite like unrequitted love". (Charlie Brown)
Well. I say unrequited love takes the taste out of everything, except fashion.
so yea.
resolutions+school musical+Charlie Brown>>> points right back to fashion.

Happy New Years

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'd Wear

cute emails asking me to update more makes me smile and wanna update more :)
I promise update tomorrow, but I I just have to share this outfit

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so yea.
very Erin Wasson, no?
well, minus the vest?