Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Yours?

MAD pictures from fashion U to come!

but first, I'm having this dilemma, and feel free to apply to life, and DO apply to life. :)
Have you ever wanted a dress, and a friend knows you wanted that dress, because, well she asked you if you liked it and you said I WANT IT.
You know, and she knows that she doesn't want that dress at all, but she acts like she does, and of course she has no intentions of ever getting that dress. She just does it to make you feel bad.
But do you get mad at that dress, and suddenly get over the fact that you even liked it?
Do you even have the right to, since it's not like it's YOUR dress?
OR do you just laugh, because that dress wants you as much as you want it?

so yea.
what about the friend?...

1 comment:

Secretista said...

Get the dress. If you like it, you like it and get it. I've had friends like that in the past and I just get the item anyway and wear it better than them--heh.

And you went to TEEN VOGUE Fashion U?! So did I :).