Thursday, January 22, 2009

I 8, maybe 10 years

They say every girl dreams about her wedding day. I don't think I've ever dreamed about the day, just my dress, and that of the brides maid's.
It could be because of Bride's War, but I've had marriage on mind a lot lately, and NO not me getting married, just the idea.
And though I still can't picture my wedding day, and with the idea of the dress constantly changing from an off shoulder neckline when I was six, to a sweet heart neck line now, and the type of dress from a ball gown to an A-line, one thing is certain, I have found the shoes. YUP.

so yea.
then maybe I can even style them like net-a-porter, with this Tibi mini dress and make sure not to wear them to a friend's wedding.
Christian Louboutin save me these shoes!!!!!!!!!!

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fashion herald said...

perfect to kick off to the side of the dance floor! just kidding, they're gorgeous, and I'm just having my own flashbacks and remembering my pretty, too tight shoes!