Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike

On Tuesday, I bought these cute pair of Mary Jane heels at target $19.99-they remind me of these Christian Louboutin shoes(625.00 at SAKS) which I cannot afford. I was joking around with my sister about how I should use red nail polish to make the sole of the shoes red so they could actually look Christian Louboutin. Well, on Fashion Fanatics with Stacey London on TLC, i learned that Mr. CL got inspiration for the red soles from red nail polish. (great minds think alike)

On Thursday, I went to the Whitney with some friends. The Summer of Love Exhibit was awesome. Then I went shopping. I went to Steve and Barry's to check out Amanda Bynes' line, Dear. It is a very cute line. Too colorful. I bought the black skinny jeans, a black jumper, a vertical stripped and a button down shirt. I bought this cute jacket from Bitten SJP. Then I went in search of the perfect flats-did not find them.So yea.

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