Tuesday, September 4, 2007

1st day of school!!!

I wore these really cute pair of black skinny jeans that I bought at Dr. Jays. (only $20!!!)The name is No Label, which I thought was kind of cute. I wore my 2 inch flip flops. I believe that skinny jeans should always be worn with heels, although they look nice with flats.
Speaking of flats-I do not like them much. They do look cute, and they are comfortable, BUT they are flat!! I like height, I was so much better and so much more "lady like" in shoes that are 2 inches high or more.
I wore this shirt-jersey inspired, that was really pretty. I bought it at Kohl's- first time shopping there, and I found some great stuff. I love that store, but I still wished I found that jumper Fergie wore in Big Girls Don't Cry. I was so mad. So yeah.
Let's not forget the simple accessory- a gold AK watch.
No HW, but I really should review some stuff, and get started on my millionth draft of my college essay.

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