Sunday, September 23, 2007


I have not written in so long.
Update: I was able to get into the Levis after party and X-fit Lycra class for fashion U-I'm excited about that.
Gossip Girl premiered on Wednesday-and it was awesome. The fashion is amazing.
I hate sparkles or sequins but this is beautiful, and I would so wear it, and buy it if it was not $450.00.

So before I Gossip Girls premiered, I was actually at Teen Vogue offices for a focus group. They bought us to element, Roxy, Billabong, and quicksilver, and we had to basically give our opinions on stuff. I got a cute Billabong bag, a pencil case kind of bag, hat, and planner. I met some of the coolest girls ever, and I got to see a bunch of cool Billabong ads that I guess I should not talk about, but all I can say is they're different. I learned about Design for Humanity, which you should check out. so yea.