Friday, March 21, 2008

Inspired by: Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman-the girl from My Wife and Kids and You Got Served is being added to my short list of style inspirations . I don't really see pictures of her very often ( a very good thing in my opinion), so I was really surprised to see this picture of her on the YBF a while ago. I fell in love with the dress and I'm even thinking of getting a maxi of my own.
Of course it takes more than just a pretty dress to be inducted in my style inspirations list. Before adding her, I had to do some research.

note how she accessories with the same clutch in the first two pictures. I love that she pairs silver and red in the third pic.

These three outfits are all gorgeous and note how she accessories with the same belt and shoes. I think the fact that she wears the same things not once, but twice and together adds to her appeal.


Romany said...

She has cute style - nice find.
I love that belt she's used in the last 3 outfits.
I think you're right - it's good to not see pics of starlets all the time, because it's easy to get sick of them and their style that way...

Anonymous said...

If you like Jennifer Freeman there's a good french blog about her :

Daphney said...

thank you very much!!!

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