Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inspired by: Leighton Meester

After reading from Z100 that Leighton Meester was going to be in Times Square for the Sunsilk Life Can't Wait Campaign, I rushed to Times Square to meet her. I was disappointed that she arrived late, and that there was no autograph signing, but I did get free sunsilk products, a screening pass to Charlie Bartlett, a Z100 t-shirt and a hair consultation from a stylist. She looked really beautiful and the outfit she wore just added her to my style inspirations list. An honor considering it only Kerry Washington, Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and her character on Gossip Girl Serena Van der Woodsen.
Isn't the outfit just perfect? I'm loving the skinny red belt. I can see myself rocking that outfit, with closed-toed shoes, to Model Congress weekend at my school or to one of my debates.
Picture from fabsugar My camera is messed up.
So yea, I definitely need to get a red belt.
AND that day I saw Steve-O with a bunch of guys in silver thongs.

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