Monday, February 25, 2008

What do I have in common with Blake Lively?

We're both in the March issue of Teen Vogue!!!
If you've been reading my blog, you know that about the X-fit Lycra seminar I participated in at Teen Vogue Fashion U.
Like I mentioned in that post, my group's concept for an ad wasn't the winning one. The one that won is featured in this month's issue of Teen Vogue.
So, in November, I got an email from Tracy, a creative director at Teen Vogue, and it basically said that they were shooting the and I should stop by. The shoot was really cool, and I had the chance to see the behind the scene stuff that goes on, like the cool camera that transfered the pictures to the computers and how the photographer transfered pictures from one computer to the other just by dragging it with a mouse.
After the shoot was almost done, Tracy told us (me and two other girls who also came) that we were going to take a picture that was to appear in the magazine. We were pretty excited, and surprise since that was totally unexpected. I mean I could have actually done my hair and get all dressed up had I known that I was going to be in Teen Vogue.

so yea- Check me out!! my name is also in print.


Secretista said...

That's awesome!!

Congrats dear.

Secretista said...

How's you get into Teen Vogue Fashion University?

Tinsley said...

congratulations! thats so cool - not a lot of people can say they were in a fashion magazine :P

Romany said...

Omg that's the most exciting news I've ever heard!
Which one are you in the picture?? Was Amy Astley on set? Or one of the interns starring in 'The Hills'??
I have so many questions, sorry. Lol.
Where are you? This post is date Feb 25, and it's now March 9. Everything ok?