Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kate Bosworth, You stole my style

Every time my brother(the second oldest one) sees Jay-Z, he gets mad. He feels like he came up with the style that many seem to credit Jay-Z for-the button down shirt.
Well, after reading so many post about this dress and the praises Kate Bosworth got for the way she wore it, I slowly started to feel the way my brother does about Jay-Z.
Since I'm a little "chest heavy", strapless bras don't give me the support that I need and no bra is a big NONONOWAY, and bra-straps showing is just a NONO. However, I never let that keep me from wearing Tube tops and halter tops. I always, since I can remember, have been layering tanks underneath tupe tops and halter tops.

But I guess feeling like a celebrity or anyone else "stole" your style is crazy. Does any body really have a style that they can actually call their own?

so yea. I probably would never have thought of accessorizing( is that an actual word) with blue.
Pic from http://fashionunder100.blogspot.com

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Benedicte said...

I know how you feel, it's so annoying when other people get lots of attention for something you've been doing for a long time.