Friday, April 18, 2008

My problem with Forever 21 is...

It was a couple of days before my friend's sweet 16. The theme was 60s and 70s, and not wanting to look too costumy (not a word), I searched desperately for something that was not only 60s and 70s but also very formal. I went to Forever 21 and found the perfect dress (polka dots and all), but at a SIZE LARGE, it was too small . So, I went back to that section and looked for an XL, and noticed that there were no XL in that section or any other sections. Less than 3 weeks shy of my own sixteenth birthday, my fifteen year old self who knew nothing of vanity sizing, decided that she was too FAT , and decided to lose weight. Initially, I didn't take it seriously, but fast forward to June of that year: I'm watching my portion sizes, avoiding desserts, dancing, jump roping, and religiously following the work out routines in CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. It worked, because that summer I lost a lot of weight, and a Forever 21 LARGE was tight on me. New school year(Junior year) starts and a combination of Lacrosse and still avoiding chocolate chip cookies helped me lose more weight. A little more mature, I decided that I wasn't going to let Forever 21 or any other store tell me whether I am FAT or not. To this day, I have never bought or tried on any thing at Forever 21.
Now that I can probably fit into their mediums, I should probably have no problems with them right? WRONG. They, like many other stores, need to carry larger sizes.
The fact that they are constantly ripping off designers and their clothes are too trendy is another one of problems with them, but that's another post that must include HandM.
So yea.
Maybe it's just the forever 21 that I went to that doesn't carry larger sizes.
post was inspired by Philip Lim not carrying sizes bigger than 10, vanity sizing, and a link of Forever 21's site.


Secretista said...


I saw my last year's prom top from Arden B. there in black! It was the same design and everything! Except, the Large didn't fit me! But, the Large from Arden b. fit perfectly. I think I am slightly boycotting F21. I bought this really cute coat, actually from my Thursday's post and the sleeve button thingy popped off! Their stuff is cheaply madly but kinda chic. It's disappointing!

Kathleen Fasanella said...

Manufacturers have a typical size spread that reflects the size needs of the majority of their customers. You would be an "aspirational" customer, you aspire to wear their products.

There is a cutting constraint that consumers don't know about. For every larger size, there must be a commensurate, directly opposite smaller size to fill a "marker". So, in filling the need of your XXL, there'd have to be an XXS -and there may not be enough demand in that size; it may not be anatomically possible. So, it's not so much that there isn't sufficient demand in the larger sizes, it's that there **isn't enough demand for the smallest sizes** of the market.

Likewise, one can only cut so many sizes before the design and silhouette is distorted -on either end of the sizing spectrum. This would require an entirely different pattern altogether. And again, one needs a range of sizes larger and smaller to fill a "marker". That would mean entering the plus size market. To enter the plus size market, a manufacturer would need to add whole other client stores, sales reps, pattern makers etc to fill that niche.

Anonymous said...

Well, thats a shame that they could not up go to at least a size XL. Thats only one size up from Large. Maybe they need to think about switching manufacturers or working it out with their existing one to include XL. I seen alot of Junior retailers expanding their size offering to include at least an XL why can't forever21!

Anonymous said...

They should really at least have XL--if they can have XS, they should include the other spectrum!

Tatyana said...

Yeah, one of my best freinds had the same problem. But, recently they actually added something called Faith21 for those who are more on the curvy side. :]

Amy said...

Lose weight and you won't have this problem.

Anonymous said...

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