Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NYC, I'm back!!<3

've realized that i've had this blog for a year now (started Aug 7th of last year)
The school, HWS(Hobart and William Smith Colleges) is gorgeous. Everyone was so nice., and I met many cool people, had some really great professors, some really bad food, which I hear gets better during the school year.
It was writing intensive and although I complained a lot, it enhanced my writing skills, and thought me that while I can write a B essay the night before it's due, it takes a whole week of continously working on an essay to get an A.

One thing that I did or didn't do was that I didn't really read fashion blogs. I'll admit, I cheated probably 4 or 5 times and read fashionista and maybe three or four others, but that's a big deal comparing to the 20+ I read everyday. Unfortunately, all the work+facebook+ no laptop=no updates. So, the weekend that I got back home was spent catching up with the fashion world.

so yea
and the picture that I promised, (not the best one) me rocking the head band.

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